ICSE-2, Singapore 2004

Pier and Abutment Scour

Author(s) Title
Sheppard, D. Max; Miller, William Live-Bed Local Pier Scour Experiments Dokument anzeigen
Link, Oscar; Zanke, Ulrich Influence Of Flow Depth On Scour At A Circular Pier In Uniform Coarse Sand Dokument anzeigen
Jones, J. Sterling; Richardson, E. V. A Decade Of High Priority Bridge Scour Research In The U.S. Dokument anzeigen
Beg, Mubeen Mutual Interference Of Bridge Piers On Local Scour Dokument anzeigen
Kho, Kai Tze; Valentine, Eric; Glendinning, Stephanie An Experimental Study Of Local Scour Around Circular Bridge Piers In Cohesive Soils Dokument anzeigen
Kirkil, Gokhan; Ettema, Robert; Muste, Marian V. Similtude Of Coherent Turbulence Structures In Flume Studies Of Bridge Scour Dokument anzeigen
Kumar, Ashish; Kothyari, Umesh C. Effect Of Stream-Wise Spacing Of Bridge Piers On Scour Depth Dokument anzeigen
Sheppard, D.Max; Glasser, Tom L. Sediment Scour at Piers with Complex Geometries Dokument anzeigen
Lim, Siow-Yong; Nugroho, Joko Observations On Flow Field Around An Abutment In A Two-Stage Channel Dokument anzeigen
Beheshti, A. A.; Ataie-Ashtiani, B. Experimental Evaluation of SCOUR DEPTH around bridge pier group Dokument anzeigen
Ballio, Francesco; Radice, Alessio; Franzetti, Silvio An Experimental Study Of Live-Bed Scour At Bridge Abutments Dokument anzeigen
Kayatürk, S. Y.; Kökpinar, M. A.; Gögüs, M. Effect Of Collar On Temporal Development Of Scour Around Bridge Abutment Dokument anzeigen
Ong, Muk Chen; Lim, Siow Yong; Yu, Guoliang; Tan,Soon Keat Abutment Scour Using Lightweight Bed Material Dokument anzeigen
Gjunsburgs, Boriss; Neilands, Romans; Neilands,Roberts Scour Development At Bridge Abutments On Plain Rivers In Flood: Analysis Of The Method Dokument anzeigen
Link, Oscar; Zanke, Ulrich On The Time-Dependent Scour-Hole Volume Evolution At A Circular Pier In Uniform Coarse Sand Dokument anzeigen
ShriRam Temporal Development Of Clear-Water Scour Around Cylindrical Piers Dokument anzeigen
Mashahir, M. B.; Zarrati, A. R.; Rezayi, M. J. Time Development of Scouring around a Bridge Pier Protected by Collar Dokument anzeigen


8th International Conference on
Scour & Erosion
Oxford, UK
13.-17. Sept. 2016
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